Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Something is Fishy in our Hotel Room

We normally do not stay in top hotels during vacation. Amenities look good on paper, but in most cases, we only use the hotel to sleep, take a bath, change clothes, and eat breakfast. Most of the day is spent touring outside. However, that changed when we booked at Hotel H2O recently.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Corporate Bands of ePLDT

ePLDT is like a big family. We work hard, but we play harder. We have company outings and sports events. We also love to party. That is why it was no surprise that we were invited to perform in our 2006 Christmas party. Wait, who we?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Securing Online Passwords

I do not like passwords. It is a question of convenience versus security. It is a classic case of contradictions. Here is why.

Why using Mobile Phones to Reset Passwords is Unsafe

I do not agree that websites should recover passwords using mobile phones.  It only takes a few minutes to hijack your account using your mobile phone. They do not need to know your phone password or unlock pattern. All they have to do is transfer your SIM to another phone so they can receive your SMS messages. Allow me to demonstrate.

How to Recover a Lost Apple ID Password

Those who are new to IOS may not be aware that the Apple ID password is a key component of an iDevice’s security. For some reason, we occasionally see new users asking for help on how to recover lost passwords. Fortunately, Apple created iForgot for situations where you cannot remember your password. Here is how to use it (you must be connected to the Internet).

Launch App Store, go to Featured, then scroll down and click the Apple ID button (take note of the Apple ID indicated).

Buying a Used IOS Device

There is a new IOS model being introduced every year. Those who like being seen with the latest device simply sell the old one and add cash to buy a new model. Subscribers who are on a two-year plan are lucky since they can sell the old unit and get a new model free. Despite new models coming out every year, IOS devices are still quite usable even if they are a few generations behind. Hence, it is quite normal to see used IOS devices being sold in malls and online sites. However, some buyers find out late that the device they bought is unusable. Here are things to note before buying a used IOS device.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Is your Child Ready to Learn Guitars

Summer is a time when students take a break and get busy with other activities. Children can take summer classes in singing, dancing, martial arts, painting, piano, voice lessons, and guitars. If your child wants to learn the latter, it is important that you get a guitar that he can easily handle, otherwise he might give up if he is uncomfortable using a big guitar. At this stage, guitar size is more important than a full tone.